Prison Letters

Philippians 4:4 ESV
Rejoice in the LORD always; again I will say, rejoice.

I remember the first time I realized that Paul was in prison when he wrote in Philippians and Ephesians.  I remember being in awe, but also wondering what that must be like.  Truth is, I wondered if I could ever have such a faith.  Would I ever be able to rejoice fully if I were in his situation.  Yet, I realized this morning the physical place of Paul's prison can be related to whatever it is we are currently in that is requiring us to have unwavering faith until the end.

Yes, I know I will never understand the effects of prison a person's life.  I never want to, nor am I belittling it.  But what I am saying is this; we all will have situations in life where we have to be able to remain convinced that GOD is for us no matter what life throws our way.  Yes, we would love to have great faith without any trials.  Yet, would it really be faith?  How do you develop walking on water faith, if you've never had to walk on the waters in the midst of a storm? 

A pastor I know once said, "A love that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted."  (Joe N. Tucker) He wasn't giving a pass to test the person who says they love you, just to prove they do.  No.  He was saying that he could trust that his wife loved him, because their love had been tested and she still loved and stood by him.  Don't despise your trials.  Don't become discouraged and certainly don't give up!

Lately, I've said, over and over and over again in my posts online; "Trust GOD".  Not because everything is perfect in my life.  Truth is, it's the opposite in the physical.  But what I know is that the physical things I am facing does not change the truth.  The truth is what GOD has said about my life.  The truth is that GOD is faithful and that HE is the only true and sure thing in this world.  Because HE has reassured me over and over again that I am coming out of this; I rejoice and my words remain today:  Trust GOD!



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