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Joshua 10:11 ESV
And as they fled before Israel, while they were going down the ascent of Beth-horon, the LORD threw down large stones from heaven on them as far as Azekah, and they died.  There were more who died because of the hailstones than the sons of Israel killed with the sword.  

GOD is your defender!  I need someone today to let this rest deep down into your soul.  Stop looking at what it looks like and operate from a place in which you are making moves based on what GOD has told you.  At this season in your life, you have got to choose.  You cannot continue to pretend any longer.  Time out for half way living.  You know half of the time you believe GOD and half of the time you don't.  Half of the time you want HIS glory in your life and the other half you do not.  Either you will choose or life will choose for you.  Believe me when I tell you it's so much better when you choose to come in agreement with the word of GOD.  It is so much better when you choose to believe HIM!

The enemy of your soul is trying to convince some of you to end it all.  he's lied and told you that there is no way out for you.  But I curse his lies and I bind them up.  May they forever fall mute to your ears. May you believe and meditate on continuously the word and promises of our GOD!!!  Live child of GOD; Live!!!!

Just as GOD fought for the children of Israel by throwing down hail from heaven, HE is going to destroy your enemies as well.  In verse 8 of this same chapter GOD told Joshua.... "Do not fear them, for I have given them into your hands.  Not a man of them shall stand before you."

The enemy has already been defeated. Stop talking to him, and command him to shut his lying mouth. Then open yours in praise unto our GOD and watch HIM inhabit your praises!  Get ready for your miracle!  Believe and you shall receive,  in JESUS name!


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