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2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV
For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of GOD.

I AM the righteousness of GOD.  It's one of the things that I have written/typed on my "I AM" list.  My I AM list is a list of things I AM.  Most of them were written when they were just a hope and a dream.  Some of them, according to man, still are just hopes and dreams.  Yet, when I wrote them down, I knew they were in GOD's plan for my life.  So by faith I stated and continue to state, that I AM all of the things on my list.

I AM is GOD's name.  Yet I can say I AM, because I AM is my FATHER and HE lives on the inside of me.  Therefore I AM who GOD says that I AM and that is what I speak!

Today, make your own I AM list.  Whether you write it down, type it or post it on note cards.  Whatever you do, put into words who you are!  Use it everyday when you wake up in the morning to remind yourself of just how valuable you are to GOD.  HE took your sins and gave you HIS righteousness.  

Remind yourself who you are and of your position according to GOD.  Remind yourself of the power that position brings.  Then stand in that power and remind hell, that it cannot stand against you.  Then go out and be the light to this world that GOD created you to be.

I want to encourage someone today who is looking at the fact that October is almost over and you have not yet become or received what it is that GOD promised you in this year.  Well, I want to challenge you to get out of your head and to begin again to declare that GOD shall do all HE has said HE will do in your life.  I want to encourage you to praise HIM right where you are and to continue to speak HIS word and promises over your life.  Words create!  Everything in the universe has to line up with HIS word.  I use the word universe not in a spiritual form as if it has power.  No the universe has to line up because HE is GOD, the great I AM.  HE is its creator.  So when I AM speaks everything has to get in its place to make what GOD spoke to be truth.  That's the power of the great I AM!  It's the power that lives on the inside of you as HIS child!



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