The Power

Mark 11:24 ESV
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that  you have received it, and it will be yours.

The power behind your prayer is your ability to believe.  Some people are often discouraged because they are waiting for the moment where doubt is never present during their time of believing.  Yet, I felt a burden to encourage you to continue to believe even in the presence of doubt.  

I know I'm big on saying beyond the shadow of a doubt you should believe.  And I want you to understand that this in no way means that doubt is never present.  The shadow of doubt.....think about it.  There is no shadow without the presence of a thing.  You cannot have my shadow without me.  Yet, again; even in the face of doubt just keep believing!!  Belief is your power.  It is the power to not only push past doubt but to demolish it!  The more you stand up in the face of doubt, the more and more you'll believe and soon you're gonna feel your faith rising to new levels.

In the moment you prayed and believed; is the very moment you "have" what you prayed for.  Yes in that moment, it is already yours!  Activate your power today.  Trust GOD.  Take HIM at HIS word.  Speak HIS word over your life and walk in the full power and authority given to you by Heaven.

Is doubt and fear looming today? Then stand up and run it right over with your faith!  Shout in its face!  Shout advance praises to GOD for the things that you are believing HIM for and watch the enemy flee and everything you're standing in faith for manifest, in JESUS name!!

I love you people of GOD and I'm praying for you!



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