In the Still

Psalm 46:10 ESV
"Be still, and know that I am GOD.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!"

Be- to exist; to have real existence.  (

Still - deep silence and calm; stillness; rooted to the spot. nevertheless; regardless (

Know- be aware of through observation, inquiry or information; have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them; be familiar or friendly with. (

As I researched these words in preparation for today's devotional, I discovered these words in parenthesis behind the word "be" and before its definition were the words "Highly irregular."

A perfect description as I pondered just how many people find it hard to just be still; me included.  It was almost as if being still was a crime.  It's almost as if we think we'll miss something.  What if I don't do this now....what if this or what if that.  But in this scripture GOD says.... Be Still and know.....

I've found lately as GOD has quieted my spirit and taught me to be still in HIM, just how important being still really is.  I've also found that it takes more work to be still than it does to keep moving.  When GOD is saying to you be still and rest in me and everything opposite of that is being spoken to your mind.  Like... "You're gonna miss this opportunity."  or "What will others think of you if you don't act on this?"  These words and all the other things that would bring anxiety and worry if we didn't know how to rest in GOD and to stand on HIS word.

For me the definitions of the three words sum it all up.  To be; to exist; to have real existence.  To be in Christ means we are new creatures.  In HIM is our real existence.  Rooted to the spot; nevertheless.  Oh, yeah.  Perfect definitions of what takes place in the still.  In the still GOD speaks and HIS word and promises are sure.  You can stand on them.  HIS word is where you get your feet rooted for battle and there you stand unshakable and unmovable.  Even in the greatest storms of life; you feel the wind, you're drenched from the rain, but you're still standing. This strength comes from the time you've spent with GOD developing a relationship with HIM; listening to HIM when HE speaks and observing HIS ways.  All bringing you to a knowledge and an understanding that the storm cannot harm you.  You see what you will come to realize is that our GOD is the calmer of storms.  What you will find to be true is that HE is a stronghold; a very present help in the time of trouble.  Once you know something you respond differently.

For example, my daughter Ciera taught me to read the book to a story before I watch a movie of that same story, if at all possible.  For me that was very difficult to wrap my mind around, because I am that person who usually gets upset if you ruin the ending for me.  Yet, I made her a promise a few years back that I would read a particular book before watching the movie.  Man, oh man, was I glad I did.  You see there were things the movie didn't show me.  Yet, because I read the book, I knew it and it made the story all the more great!  You see, it was more than just knowing the end result that reading ahead gave me; it was about having an understanding of the whole picture; an understanding I would have never got by just watching the movie (trusting what I see).

It's the same thing with reading the word of GOD.  We have a reference point.   When we read and meditate on HIS word we have a knowledge of who HE is; of HIS character and HIS abilities. This knowledge allows us to be still in the storm, because what we "know" is that in the end we win and that all things work together for our good!

Today, I want to encourage you to not be afraid of the still place.  To be obedient to GOD when HE is leading you into a still place.  For there HE will restore your soul and show forth HIS Glory.




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