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When Nothing Else Matters

Mark 5:27-28 ESV

She had heard the reports about JESUS and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garment.  For she said, "If I touch his garments, I will be made well.

As I was reminded of this woman with the issue of blood, I began to consider the big picture.  She had spent all she had to get well.  She had gone from physician to physician to find no change in results.  She had done everything she knew to do.  She could've given up. She could have stopped believing.  

So I pondered her sacrifice.  Not her monetary one, but the fact that she was not supposed to be anywhere near JESUS nor anyone else for that matter. She was considered unclean continuously, (due to her condition).  She was supposed to cry out "Unclean!" so that others would know that she was coming and stay clear of her.  If she was noticed by those in the crowd, it is possible that this walk to JESUS could have very well cost her life.  So what made her come?  Before I could ponder how great her faith in what she heard about JESUS must have been, the LORD said to me...."Nothing else mattered!"

When we get to a place where nothing else matters.... That place where it seems nothing is going to work out for us; yet we have a word from GOD and nothing else but HIS word and HIS promises matter.... There, in that place is where we will see miracles, signs and wonders happen.

When we will praise and worship HIM in the face of doctors reports.  When we are willing to take a chance at being killed by the mouth of those who do not understand.  When we are willing to step out on faith, because we heard from GOD.  There in that place, where nothing else matters, is where it all changes!

Today, my prayer for you is that you will recognize that nothing else really matters but JESUS.  Not just because we celebrate HIS birth in this month.  But because of who HE is everyday of our lives!  I pray that this season will shift your mindset.  I pray that as you celebrate JESUS that you will get a vision of HIS love for you and HIS plan for your life.  I pray that you will exit this year and walk boldly into the next with a "Nothing Else Matters" attitude. I pray that you will step out on faith and start the business, write the book and operate in your gifts and calling. 

Let nothing else matter now; right now in this moment and dare to believe the word of GOD for your life!



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