Believe The Dream

Genesis 37:5-6 ESV
Now Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers they hated him even more.  He said to them, "Hear this dream that I have dreamed....

Believe the Dream!  Believe it past those who don't.  Believe it past self doubt that comes to derail your future.  The dream GOD has given you shall come to pass.  Don't get discouraged because it did not happen when you thought it should.  Wait well.  Yes, wait well.  I know it can be hard to wait.  Yet, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on HE who made you the promise and not on the thing HE has promised to you.  If you choose to focus on the end result, you will find yourself doing everything within your power to make it come to pass.  You will find yourself in GOD's place.  This is not what you want.

What you want is to believe in the dream so much so that even in the hard times you are at peace.  When you believe in the dream, you will wait with an expectancy for GOD to do what HE has promised, while allowing HIM to make you ready for the promise from the inside out.  It is never that GOD hasn't already done what HE has said.  The moment HE spoke it, it existed.  Yet, we are not always ready in the season HE tells us about it.  

GOD does not tell us what HE has for us to torture us.  It's quite the opposite.  GOD knows that as HE prepares us that it is going to seem like all hell breaks loose. It will often seem as though it will never happen for us. We all know that along the way, things did not look good at all for Joseph.  Time and time again, he was misused, lied on and imprisoned.  You name it, Joseph dealt with it.  Yet, he believed the dream.  For GOD gives us HIS word so we can fight with the dream.  HE will send confirmation along the way; then we fight with our confirmation.  Remember you are fighting from a place of victory; not fighting to get the victory.  For the victory is already yours!

Stay encouraged.  Allow GOD to mold you.  Learn along the way.  Grow in HIM.  Allow GOD to expose the things in you that need to be removed.  Then surrender them to HIM so that HE can remove them, and replace them with the attributes needed to sustain you in your next season.

My soul is excited for you.  This is going to be your best year yet!  Keep on believing the dream!



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