Beyond What You See

Luke 5:5 KJV
And Simon answering said unto HIM, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net.

At some point the word of GOD has got to take you beyond what you can see.  Your faith has got to be able to make your feet move when GOD directs you to go, even when your eyes cannot see ground in front of you.  You may be saying that's easy for you to say.... Well, today it is!  I'm determined today and every day forward to truly believe the word of GOD for my life.

As it once again appears that everything around me is going to crumble, my soul is excited!  My soul is on a different level than what my physical eyes can see.  Prior to this new year, the LORD spoke to me about what this year would bring for me and the people of GOD.  What last year taught me is to trust GOD like never before, and that I am determined to do!

Last year it felt like everything opposite of what GOD had promised me was taking place.  It felt like everything was going to fail.  Yet, at HIS word I moved.  Things still seemed crazy for a while.  But just as HE promised HE stepped in. So today, when I have no answers and even those around me who should have the answers do not; my soul is at rest, because my Abba FATHER, the all knowing GOD has all the answers.  HE has known them from the beginning.  So at HIS word I'm resting in HIM and waiting with expectation for HIM to perform miracles in my life!

Choose today to see beyond what you can see in the natural and trust HIS word.  GOD will never fail you.  It's the only thing that is impossible for HIM; failure for GOD does not exist!



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