Honoring The Dream

Proverbs 29:18 KJV
Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

My heart is heavy as I consider what life would be like for millions of people if one man had kept the dream to himself.  Today we honor and celebrate the works of Martin Luther King Jr. Yet, I imagine today what it must have been like to face everything he faced in that time.  He had a family.  He was extremely smart and well educated.  He could've chosen to ignore the call on his life that GOD had placed there.  Martin Luther King Jr. could have come up with many valid reasons as to why he couldn't face the road ahead of him.

Martin Luther King Jr. was not only rejected by people of the opposite race.  But the race to which he belonged often despised him, because he was shaking things up.  Most people, no matter the race, resist change.  Especially change that costs.  Most will just go along to get along.  

Today, I ask which type of person are you?  Will you go along to get along.  Or will you walk out the call of GOD on your life no matter who is for or against you?  Many of us enjoy the benefits of Martin Luther Kings, Jr.'s fight for justice and the blood he shed to see freedom for all come to past.  Yet, there is more to be done in the earth.  

Today I ask you to stand up and honor not only Dr. King today, but honor the one who gave HIS blood so that we all can have eternal life.  Make the choice to walk in your calling. The world is waiting for you to get up and be the best version of yourself.  The world is waiting for what GOD placed you on this earth to do.  I say there's no better day to start, than today.  



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