Psalm 34:7 ESV

The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear HIM, and delivers them.

I woke up with the words to a song in my spirit.  GOD surrounds what's surrounding me.  It was in my spirit before my eyes could even open.  It has rested in my soul.  Now it is mine to declare to the people of GOD!  GOD has surrounded, what is surrounding you.  Trust GOD. Take HIM at HIS word.  Do what HE tells you to do.   No matter what it looks like. 

Do you feel like everything is over your head and you cannot see your way out?  Well, GOD is guiding you.  Trust HIM.  I cannot say it enough today...Trust GOD!  Please believe that HE has not forsaken you; that is not HIS nature.  HE is faithful. But you must have faith; it is necessary to please HIM.

The LORD reminded me yesterday...Do not question if you heard me right earlier, just because this present moment doesn't look like what you expected it to look like.  You heard me and I will reward your obedience.  Remain faithful; continue to steward well; I am going to bless you.  Glory to GOD!

I pray this day that you will take GOD at HIS word and walk through your day as though everything you need is already provided and that GOD has taken care of whatever you are facing; because HE has!


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