Wait Well

Isaiah 40:31 ESV
But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Wait well.  Words I heard in a message some years ago.  My soul got excited and then I thought, well how?  How do I wait well?  How do I get to that place?  I recently discovered that it's not a how question, but a matter of when.  

At some point we will get to a place where it doesn't bother us, or bring us anxiety to wait.  We grow to a place in our relationship with GOD where our earthly issues be they childhood or adult dysfunctions no longer matter.  We come to a place in our walk where we wholeheartedly trust GOD.  When we know and understand that ALL things work together for our good, even the pauses in life.  

I now know that GOD loves me so much that HE won't allow me to destroy the plans HE has for me.  So HE tells me of them, before HE cleans me up on the inside; you know mold me.  So, I hold fast to HIS word.  Initially the words comfort me as the pain of change and growth begins.  Then HIS word; HIS promises become my weapon as I fight the lies and discouragement.  Then at some point, I am totally convinced of who HE is and develop a new view of who I am in HIM.  Then the wait; the place of pause becomes that place where I am strengthened.  For I am no longer fighting the wait, but embracing it and all of the changes HE is making in me.  

Does it appear that GOD has paused you?  Well, let me encourage you to wait well and trust GOD. Rest in the place of pause.  Be at peace with the things HE may be exposing in you; realizing that GOD loves you too much to leave you where you are, as you are.  Allow HIM to change you, strengthen you, grow you and bless you.



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