Day 11 - Make A Sacrifice

Hebrews 13:16 ESV
Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to GOD.

Find a way to give away something that costs you.  It does not have to be just financial.  However, if you are led to give financially, then please obey the Spirit of GOD. I want you to consider this: give something that is a real sacrifice for you.  Perhaps you feel like someone is stretching the limits of your mental capacity when you have to sit through their recital or event.  Maybe, this is the thing you give. Give your time. Give it in the place you would prefer not to.  Not to punish yourself, but to show love to those around you.  

I realized as a parent that not only are my children both different than each other, but they are both different than me in many ways.  I don't always enjoy the things they enjoy.  Nor do I always want to hear about what they like, because I find no interest in it.  But my love for my children makes me stop and give them my everything.  Even when I feel like climbing the walls.  Why?  Because I love them and I want them to know it.  I want them to know it is okay to be different and that I honor their differences and love them even more because of them.

Choose today to validate your loved ones importance by making a sacrifice out of love for them.  Show them that your love is not superficial.  Love gives.  But not just purses and watches and fancy clothes and cars.  Love sacrifices and love also heals.  Be love today, don't just "do" love-like things.



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