Day 14 - Happy Valentine's Day! - Make It Count

Happy Valentine's Day!   Write it.

Valentine's Day' the day of Love, as many call it.  We've covered a lot of things in this challenge so far this month.  I know many of you will go all out with bells and whistles today.  From flowers delivered to the office to carriage rides.  All of these things are great ways to show your appreciation.  I encourage you today to make it all count; let it be genuine and from your heart.

Today's Challenge:  Write it.

Be it a family member or an old friend, sit down today and write them a letter/email and bridge the gap.  You may not have spoken to them in months or even years and the "I'll call them one day..", has taken way too many days.  It doesn't matter who was right or who was wrong.  All that matters is love.  You don't have to pretend that what happened didn't happen, you just have to decide that love is more important is all!

So, grab your pen (or laptop) and make it happen; make it count, write the letter.



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