Day 15 - Be Love

Matthew 23:11 ESV
The greatest among you shall be your servant.

Take the time today to show someone you love them by serving them.  Yes, I know that yesterday was Valentine's Day and that you most likely lavished your loved ones with gifts and acts of service and that you may be thinking, "I'll skip today's challenge."

Well, yesterday was a holiday, a day that comes with the expectation of service in some form.  Our goal is to become love.  So much so that it's what we focus on, it's what we desire; it is who we are.  The word tells us that GOD is love.  Not that GOD loves, but that HE is love. 

Let's serve with a heart like GOD's so that when others see us; they see HIM.   Let us allow the expressions of love that we practice this month, become all that we know and all that we are.  Let's be the face of GOD in the earth; let's be love!



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