Day 21 - Show Honor

Romans 12:10 ESV
Love one another with brotherly affection.  Outdo one another in showing honor.

Honor - respect and esteem shown to another; recognition.

Today find someone to show honor to.  It may be a Pastor at your church or a co-worker that no one else seems to notice, but they work really hard.  A classmate who is diligent in attendance and is focused in school.  There is someone, somewhere in your life today that you can honor.

Today, I honor Martyn Ballestero II.  He is one of our associate Pastors.  I chose Marty because he is an inspiration to me.  He is humble, bold and makes you think of David going out to fight Goliath.  Marty does not think of himself as a giant slayer, yet he slays giants everyday and just moves on to the next thing to conquer.  He inspires our congregation in a way that you cannot describe and for which I don't even think he is aware.  He does more than most people know and he likes to keep it that way.  He and his family have invested in my children love and encouragement and prayed for us and stood with us in faith as we've waited with expectancy for GOD to move on our behalf.  So today, I say thank you Bro. Marty.  



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