Day 25 - Encourage Someone

1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV
Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Encourage someone, anyone.  Someone you know or a perfect stranger. Ask the LORD to guide you today (and every day to come) to the people HE would like for you to encourage.  You can leave a note or send a text.  Don't allow yourself to over think this. Don't look at a person and think they don't need your words of encouragement.  You never know what a person is dealing with in their daily lives.  Your words may just be the words that will keep someone from committing suicide or committing an act that they may regret for the rest o their lives.

Do you know how many people were on the verge of ending it all. Then you walked by and smiled, or said hello.... or "GOD bless you" and their whole day shifted?  Exactly. You don't know.  So whether your words give someone the courage to go after a new position at work or it keeps some unknown stranger from ending it all... just encourage someone.  You may soon find yourself in need of a word and GOD will be faithful to send a complete stranger to give it to you.  It's in those times when you are sure of GOD's love for you.  Because only GOD can send a complete stranger to you, who knows nothing about you or your life and have them speak the perfect words at the exact time it's needed. GOD loves you.  Allow HIM to use you today to confirm HIS love to others.  Challenge:  Encourage at least 3 people today.  Let's go!



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