Day 28 - The Challenge

Today's Challenge: To Challenge

Today challenge someone else to this challenge.  Not for instagram likes and followers.  I have never concerned myself personally with those things.  My name will be great because GOD made it that way.  I'm asking because the Love of GOD changed my life.  

I have seen many things in this life and endured much hardship. Yet, the one thing that remains is that I believe in love. Not just the romantic, sweep you off your feet fairy tale type love, like in the stories my dad would read to me at night before going to bed. (Cinderella is still my favorite.)  But I believe in the ultimate of loves; I believe in GOD.  

GOD is not only awesome and powerful, but HE is mindful of us.  HE loves us with an unfailing love.  It was HIS love, when I found myself in the midst of an awful situation, that came to get me, forgive me and restore me.  HE gave me a heart that loves others in spite of what they may say or do to me.  I know many frown on such a blind kind of love.  I use to also.  I would see others around me who seemed to be unaffected by life and the things that can break your heart.  And there I was with my heart all torn out, seeking the LORD and praying for the very one who had wronged me or hurt my children.   

But today is a different story.  It's not our ability to "tell a person off" or" put them in their place" that changes their lives.  It's giving the love they know they don't deserve.  Yet, having it be given to them as if they paid full price for it and warranted it in their lives. That's what changes hearts; love. Please understand that Love can be displayed even when you have to tell others no or stand up for yourself.  In those instances it is shown in the way you treat the person following the incident.  

Today, I am proud to be the vessel of GOD that is used to show forth HIS love in the earth, I pray you'll join me in this mission to spread love in this earth; to spread GOD!



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