Do it for them

So we've created our strategy to pray for our weaknesses and our strengths.  Today, you're going to do the same for your family members.  Yep, more scriptures, more writing and more power!  

Not only will you find and write down scriptures to declare over their lives, we're also going to give thanks.  Oh, I know you may want to choke your spouse and run away from your children.  But instead I'm going to ask you to run and get on your knees before GOD and thank HIM in advance.  "LORD, thank you for delivering my spouse from addiction." (or whatever it is you would like to see take place in your loved ones lives.)  And when the enemy shows up after your declarations, use the word of GOD to declare it is already so in JESUS name.  

Yes, I know they may not deserve it, but let me remind you that you don't either.  Give the gift of grace and prayer.  Don't do it because of them, do it for them.  



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