Purpose in the Process

Luke 22:47-53 ESV
While he was still speaking there came a crowd, and the man called Judas, one of the twelve, was leading them.  He drew near to JESUS to kiss him, but JESUS said to him, "Judas, would you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?" And when those who were around him saw what would follow, they said, "Lord shall we strike with the sword?"  And one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear.  But JESUS said, "No more of this!" And he touched his ear and healed him.  Then JESUS said to the chief priests and officers of the temple and elders, who had come out against him, "Have you come out as against a robber, with swords and clubs? When I was with you day after day in the temple, you did not lay hands on me.  But this is your hour, and the power of darkness."

In this season you may be betrayed.  It may appear as though you are being handed over to your enemies.  Yet, I want to remind you that everything in the process of elevation has a purpose.  Do not allow yourself to be alarmed by what is happening in this present moment; it is all apart of the process.  

The promise made to you in the beginning, still holds true today.  GOD cannot lie.  Everything in every situation will work together for your good. So, if at this point in the process it does not "appear" to be good, know that this is not the end.  Judas' kiss was not the end for JESUS.  It was the beginning of HIS journey to elevation.  If Judas had never betrayed JESUS, HE would have never made it to the cross.  JESUS understood this. 

It is no doubt that JESUS could have allowed the other disciples to destroy Judas and all who were with him.  But instead, HE reached out and healed the man whose ear had been cut off.  I see so much in this moment.  The obvious of course is that JESUS did no wrong in this situation.  The next given is that JESUS was being betrayed by someone who walked with him everyday.  But the one thing I believe most of us have overlooked in this story is the healing of the mans ear.  Not the fact itself, that JESUS could heal him;  JESUS being a healer was no secret, but the choice HE made to heal him speaks volumes.  In the midst of attack HE blessed the one who had come to kill him.  The integrity of our Savior remained in the midst of adversity.  

Where's your integrity? Can you stand in the face of all the opposition and bless those who are causing it?  Can you pray for those who betray you, disrespect you, use you and take advantage of you?  Will you know when to rebuke those who love you, yet attempt to delay your elevation?  

Today, I want to encourage you to neither be moved by your enemies or those that walk with you each day.  Stay focused in this season of elevation.  Allow your character to be refined and directed by the Holy Spirit.  Don't lose sight of the fact that ultimately this is really not about you.  Remember that as you hold fast to your integrity strongholds are being broken off of those around you, all because you allowed GOD to use you in this season of trial. 

Nothing in this process will be wasted.  Stay focused. Hold fast to your integrity and remember you are fighting from a place of victory; not fighting to win.  JESUS won it all for you in the very moment HE allowed them to take HIM to the cross.  HE hung, bled, died and got up again for you to stand in victory.  Victory is yours, so do not despise the process.  For there is purpose in every moment of it!

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