They will give it to you!

Nehemiah 2:4-5 ESV
Then the king said to me, "What are you requesting?"  So I prayed to the GOD of heaven.  And I said to the king, "If it pleases the king, and if your servant has found favor in your sight, that you send me to Judah, to the city of my fathers' graves, that I may rebuild it.."

In this season you will not have to ask or beg.  Kings will ask you your desires and fulfill them.  GOD is going to open doors before you that will take you into rooms with great men. Don't be nervous; your name arrived ahead of you.  People who shouldn't even know your name, will do everything in their power to find out about you.  You're being discussed before you arrive.  The kings will not be satisfied until they have met you face to face and there they will bless you.  

Stop concerning yourself with the how's of the promise GOD has made to you.  That isn't yours to be concerned with.  Just have faith and move your feet in the direction that GOD is sending you.  It's time for you to fulfill your destiny and GOD has already lined up the right people to finance it for you.



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