What Can Be Said?

Romans 8:31 ESV
What then shall we say to these things?  If GOD is for us, who can be against us?

I love this scripture.  The word of GOD has just been jumping off the page at me in fresh new ways.  My heart is excited today.  I love words.  Words create.  I believe words should be honored.  I know for a fact that declaring the word of GOD pushes back darkness.  It also brings the unseen things into sight and the things that are not into reality.

But this scripture says in essence..."What can even be said....for GOD being for me puts all other words on pause.  Everything else is mute!"  Glory to GOD!  I want to tell someone today, that no matter what has been spoken over you, at you or about you.  That none of those things can hold up to the word that says...."GOD is for you!'

So stop accepting the lies spoken over your life.  I don't care if your own mother spoke them. If the words spoken over you are opposite of what GOD has said about you, then they are lies and there is no truth in them.  

GOD's word trumps all and HE has said HE is for you!  Since it is impossible for HIM to lie..you can stand on this word.  Trust that "All" things will work for good for you.  I know it may seem ugly right now, but I promises you HE's going to give you beauty for ashes!



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