Above It All

Ephesians 2:6 ESV
And raised us up with HIM and seated us with HIM in heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS.

Although you may be facing difficulties and challenges let me assure you that you are already victorious over them.  There is nothing that has happened or that will happen that can ever change your position of victory.  We have been raised up high above all things and seated with HIM in Heavenly places.

I want to encourage you to think higher thoughts about yourself.  I pray that the truth of who you are and  your position with CHRIST really sinks into your spirit.  The word tells us to not think too highly of ourselves, so many of us take that as though we are not supposed to think highly of ourselves at all.  This indeed is untrue.  We must know, understand, believe and receive that we are indeed heirs with CHRIST JESUS.  We must allow truth to settle in our spirit.  The truth is we stand and fight from a place of victory; we do not fight to obtain victory.  When this understanding settles in your spirit, there will be things that you will no longer spend time arguing over.  Yet, you will declare the word of GOD over them, and see HIS power manifested in your life.  We cannot work for salvation, healing, peace, joy or the like. For our work would never be enough.  So JESUS did all the work for us.  HE finished it all on the cross. 

So I encourage you today to shift your perspective.  Look up to GOD.  Ask our Heavenly FATHER to reveal to you who HE is, who you are in HIM and HIS plan for your life.  When you see your life from a Heavenly perspective you will see past the pain of your trials to the character it has built in you; preparing you for the open door ahead.

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