He's no Lion!

I Peter 5:8 ESV 

Be sober-minded; be watchful.  Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

The word of GOD tells us that the devil is "like" a roaring lion.  

Like - in the same way that; as though; as if.  

The enemy of our souls is not a lion.  He prowls around "like" or as if he is a lion.  JESUS is the lion of the tribe of Judah!  HE is!!!  The enemy is not. But he wants you to believe he is.  He wants you to believe that he is just as powerful as our GOD, but he is not and never will be!

Oh yes, he is prowling and he is roaring. But he's no lion.  He is much like the wizard behind the curtain in Oz; he has no real power.  So he portrays himself as an equal to our GOD. Well, our GOD has already made it quite clear who is in charge; our GOD is!  GOD has given us dominion over all things; including our enemy.

So today when the enemy starts roaring; you roar right back!  You open your mouth and declare the word of the LORD to him and remind him that he is an already defeated foe.  You roar back the loudest war cry you can and you let him and all his imps know who you are!  Let him know that you are not only aware that he is an impostor, but that you are also well aware of who you are; a blood bought, Holy Ghost filled child of GOD who has taken back their territory!  

Today we will roar, fight and stand in our place of victory that JESUS won for us on the cross!  Today we will roar for our children, our marriages, our unsaved family members and co-workers.  Today we will roar and take back what the enemy stole from us.  We're no longer afraid; but mighty in GOD and we are well able to possess the land.  So, let's start roaring!

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