Plain as Day

Habakkuk 2:2 ESV
Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

As I prayed this morning, I was challenged to write down my budget. Not just my monthly bills.  This was not my usual review of the month to see where I am with my finances kind of budget. This morning I was challenged to re-write the budget for my vision; the vision GOD gave me.  

As I began to write this budget, the number grew larger and larger and GOD continued to add to the vision more details.  After compiling the grand total and praising GOD in advance, I began to praise HIM for exceeding this request so that I may be a blessing to others also.  Then, the LORD said this... Tell my people to stop being afraid.  There is nothing that is too hard for me.  Tell them that writing it down and making it plain is not to scare them, but to increase their faith.  

So I am challenging each of you today, to write your vision down.  Make it plain so that when YOU return to read it, you will remember exactly what it is GOD downloaded into you when you wrote it and you can run on!

I believe that in this season many will see miracles, signs and wonders including supernatural debt cancellation and forgiveness of debt.  I believe that GOD will send men to pour into your bosom (finance your vision). So, get prepared. Write the vision out and make it as plain as day.  Do not be discouraged if you do not see it all take place overnight. The word run in this verse does not mean hurried, it means endurance.  Endure until the end. I promise you if you hold on and trust GOD's direction and timing, you will see your vision unfold in ways you've never even imagined!

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