Memorial Day

Today I want to encourage you to see this day as more than just another paid holiday that you have off from work and school.  For, as you head to the beach or a picnic, someone, somewhere is still shedding tears for their loved ones lost in battle or during service.

Someones father, son, husband, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, mom or dad has died for you to remain free.  Some have come home, but their loved ones will never see them again, because they came home different people.  Some were captured and may still remain P.O.W.'s. ; so much sacrifice has been made to protect this country.

My prayer today is that we as the citizens of the United States of America will began to value our country in its entirety.  My prayer is that racism will end and murders and other heinous crimes will cease.  I know you may be reading this and think, "She is delusional."  I am not.  I know that I am just one person.  But I am one person who prays.  I am one person who believes that GOD still reigns.  I am one person who can affect her home, church, local community and work place.  I am one person who can make a difference.  I am one person who cares about the many people whose lives were sacrificed for mine. So I'll honor their sacrifice everyday by living my life the best way possible in this land of the free and home of the brave.

I know our country is not perfect.  There are so many things wrong with it.  There is still so much hate and so much unjust crime.  But I'm asking you to join me in being what is right in this country.  Let's do it in  memory of all those who shed their blood for our freedom.  Let's do it for the families who lost their loved ones; so that their blood shed will not be in vain.

Again, I say thank you to those who sacrificed their lives and the families who on this day only hold memories.  We thank you and we pray for you and appreciate you.  Not just today, but everyday of our free lives.


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