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She Who Believes

Luke 1:45 ESV
And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her from the LORD.

The LORD placed a burden on my heart some time ago to enlighten the world about the women of GOD.  Yes, the world.  The first stop being women themselves.  So often we as women spend so much time competing with each other, taking care of others and fighting to prove our worth, that we forget the importance of our faith.

Faith causes you to believe the word GOD has spoken.  It gives you the strength to hold on to that word past your thoughts, emotions and sight.  Faith allows you to see the thing GOD promises you the moment HE speaks it, even when there is no real evidence to support what you "know" you heard GOD say.

Today, I want to encourage the women believing GOD for a child, a business, a marriage, a ministry; whatever the word, I want to encourage you to believe that GOD fulfilled every promise HE has made to you the very moment it was spoken!  Your faith moves Heaven.  So keep on believing, keep on expecting and prepare for your abundant blessing, In JESUS name!
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