When You Ask GOD

Matthew 21:22 ESV
And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.

When you ask GOD to do a thing believe HIM for it.  Now of course, you can't ask GOD to have someone else's house, husband/wife, etc. and expect HIM to bless that.  (Not sure why I needed to say that this morning, but I'm all about being obedient these days.)  But GOD has placed a vision in your heart; a desire.  Believe HIM for it and ask HIM to bless it big!

I want to encourage someone today, to not sit idle because you feel you missed your window or a major opportunity. Perhaps you did. But do you not know that our GOD will create opportunities for you?  HE says HE has given us knowledge to create wealth.  Don't let the lies of the enemy become your truth.  You are not too old, you're not out of time. If you're reading this, then start right now.  Create the Facebook Business Page (Yes, Luelonda, I did it! LOL!), order the business cards, set up the google voice line.  Start small if you have to, but start.  Write the song.  Prepare the sermon.  Whatever is in your heart, do it.  

GOD is just waiting for us to believe HIS word and to step out on faith.  Ask GOD big!  HE's a big GOD and HIS love for you is big.  I know that so many of us grew up with this vision of GOD being so mean and just waiting to pounce us when we make mistakes.  Many of us were taught that GOD thinks and responds like man, but HE does not (so thankful for this).  GOD knew every last one of our flaws before Calvary and was glad to have JESUS come to earth to die for us; to redeem us to HIMself.  Trust me, a GOD who loves us like that, is not waiting in Heaven to punish us, but to bless us.

Give HIM something to bless today!  Ask in faith and leap!

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