Isaiah 43:13 ESV
Also henceforth I am he; there is none who can deliver from my hand; I work, and who can turn it back? 

Last night as I declared that I believed GOD; that I trust HIM to take care of everything for me.  I declared that I would not be moved by what I see.  (You know, praising HIM while encouraging myself in the LORD...) and wouldn't you know it, I get a text in that very moment.  This text included no words, just a link to a song.  The song is entitled "I am".  It speaks of all the things that GOD is.  I began to praise HIM.  All I could do is laugh and smile.  GOD is always confirming that HE hears me.  HE is always present with us.  HE has already gone before us.  Do not allow yourself to be moved when you cannot see past your hand; for you are in the hand of the Almighty GOD!

This verse this morning blessed my soul as HE reminded me that I AM GOD!!! HE says none can deliver you from my hand.  Meaning that nothing in this earth, nothing in the heavens.  No demon, no witch, no hex, no curse.  No weapon formed, NOthing and NOone.  But HE doesn't stop there.  Our GOD says, I work, and who can turn it back?  Meaning, I've done this "thing" for you and no one can change what I have done for you.  

I pray that right about now you are rejoicing.  I pray that you will look the "thing" you are facing this morning right in it's face and laugh and praise our GOD!  For there is nothing bigger, greater or stronger than HIM.  There is not one being that can stop HIS plans.  You are already victorious, so praise HIM right now, like it's true.  For it is to those who have the courage to believe.

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