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The List

The Lord gave me a list for devotional today and here it is:

  • Be Intentional
  • Change your Perspective
  • Believe
  • Trust
  • Have faith
Be intentional in everything you do.  Let there be purpose in everything  you do and allow God to show you His purpose for your life.  Be bold and operate in your calling.  

Change your perspective.  Ask God to give you His perspective.  Whether it is in reference to a personal situation, ministry or business.  Whatever it is you find yourself in, ask God to give you His perspective on the matter.  I pray that you will seek God to show you how He sees you; so that you may see yourself from His perspective also and that you will find that He calls you blessed, called out and protected.

Believe - Believe in God and believe the word of God.  Most believe in God; as in knowing he exists.  I want to encourage you today, to not only believe that God exists, but to believe that He indeed is a loving Father who desires to bless and keep you.  Trust Him, past any fear or doubt that may arise.  Take Him at His word!

Trust - Trust that the word of God is true. Trust that He has already gone before you and made your path straight.  Trust that God is in this very moment and every future moment of your life all at the same time.  Trust Him with your burdens, trials and joy.  Trust God without reservation.

Have Faith - to lay hold of faith.  Walk in it.  Allow your faith in God and the promises He has made be your strength.

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