The Name

Psalm 20:1 ESV
May the LORD answer you in the day of trouble!  May the name of the GOD of Jacob protect you!

There is power in a name.  Ask those who are born of royalty and into wealthy families. They will tell you stories of how name dropping has been most rewarding for them.  Yet, I tell you this day that there is a name above all names; JESUS!

My soul is excited.  I will attempt to deliver to you in mere words what my soul received as I read this verse this morning.  ....May the name of the GOD of Jacob protect you!  David did not say may the power of GOD protect you.  He did not say, may the armies of GOD, or the angels of GOD.  HE didn't even say may our GOD protect you.  David said may the name of the GOD of Jacob protect you!  Glory to GOD in the highest!  HIS name......

HIS name has power, victory, protection and provision in it.  There is healing in the name of JESUS.  There is favor in the name.  Our GOD is so powerful that HIS name alone will protect you.

Need help today?  It is as close as HIS name; J-E-S-U-S.  


We magnify and adore you.  We thank you for being the Almighty GOD, the one whose name alone saves us from despair and brings us victory.  Thank you LORD for being ever mindful of us; your people. Thank you for your protection, provision and providence.  We love you, we bless you we magnify you.  We believe your word for our lives and stand on your word with expectation of you performing it in our lives this day.  In JESUS name.



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