Mark 16:7 ESV
But go, tell HIS disciples and Peter that HE is going before you to Galilee.  There you will see HIM , just as HE told you."

I heard the LORD say, "Yes, you are undeserving, but to deserve it was never a requirement."  These words came as I reflected over my day; the past week actually.  I woke up and immediately GOD spoke to me about a decision in reference to my son.  I did what GOD told me.  My son was so appreciative. He asked me, "Mom are you sure?"   I reiterated what I had previously stated to him.  Then the delight in him; the peace that fell over his spirit when he received the words that I had spoken.  I could not describe it if I tried.  I would serve no justice in my efforts to explain what it was like to witness my son taking in the situation; the blessing; the love.

I then praised GOD for just being GOD and for speaking to me in that moment.  I praised HIM for helping me to get outside of my head, and to be able to hear HIM clearly and discern HIS word.  I thanked HIM for allowing my son to experience HIS grace and HIS peace.  Then HE spoke to me and gave me this scripture and HE said tell my people that it was never about them deserving my grace, my mercy, my supernatural provisions and the like.  It has always and forever will be about my love for them.

So I hurried to open my bible to today's scripture and as I read it again my soul got even more excited when these words jumped off the pages to me: There you will see HIM, just as HE told you.  You see, before I saw those words just for Peter and the disciples.  Today, I see those words for me and you......

Just as HE has told us, there in that place of promise; we will see HIM and HE will keep every last one of HIS promises.

Thank you LORD.  We bless your name GOD.  We magnify you and adore you.  We believe you and we wait expectantly for you.  Glory to GOD in the Highest!

#RelentlessPraise  #GODisFaithful  #AlwaysOnHISmind  #IBelieveTheWordOfGOD4MyLife.


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