Faith Moves

Luke 8:44 ESV
She came up behind him and touched the fringe of his garment, and immediately her discharge of blood ceased.  

I was always fascinated by this story.  The older I've become and the more I study this word, it continues to not only fascinate me, but encourage me to remain faith-filled.

This woman was in a bad state.  It was honestly a miracle already that she was still alive given the fact she had been bleeding non-stop for twelve years.  She found herself with her back against the wall.  All of  her finances had been depleted in those twelve years of searching for answers from physicians.  She was an outcast and had been alone and alienated from society.

Yet, in a state for which most looked at her as being unclean, she made a choice to still believe that she could be healed. I use to think, what made her go?  But today I realize that it was always her faith that moved her. It was her faith that made her go to one physician after the next seeking healing.  Can you imagine 12 years of no answers, but still believing that there was more to your life than death?  Well, if you can't, today is the day that changes.  We have got to believe that there is  more to life than our current state if it is not deemed a good one.

Let your faith move you!  Let it catapult you into a new reality of blessings, favor, miracles, signs and wonders.  Faith that moves your feet in the middle of a dyer situation, is the same faith that moves Heaven to act on your behalf. So get up, move your feet and go get your blessing!

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