I Am Righteous

2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV
For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

I am righteous.  Words I would have never said in the past.  Three words that made many of you cringe when you read them.  Three words that may get me shunned if I spoke them from certain pulpits.  But you see the thing about me is that I believe the word of God.  His word has power.  He has given me authority to operate in that power.  He has given me dominion and I accept it; I also accept His righteousness!

I am not arrogant; nor do I believe that I am righteous because of anything I have done, or could even muster the strength to do.  What I do believe is that these three words are a weapon.  I believe that every time I speak them back to the enemy of my soul that all of hell cringes.  How dare she say she is righteous you may ask?  Well, how dare you not, when you are a blood bought, Holy Ghost filled child of God?  How long will you allow the enemy to run a muck in your mind? How long will you allow him to torture you with your past? How long will you sit stagnant in condemnation when you have been set free; when you have been made righteous?

Someone from my past may even read this and think, "Yeah, but I know what you did back then."  I say to you, your account "may" be accurate and a fact for the Vivian you knew back then. But what is true now, is that always and forever I am righteous in Jesus Christ.  When you get a God-view of who you are; when you see yourself the way God sees you; covered in the blood of Jesus, you walk different, you talk different and you live different.

Someone today is struggling with their past and all of its mistakes.  Today I say to you; You are righteous; righteous in Jesus!  Read the word, believe it, embrace it and walk in it!

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