The Mark

Phillippians 3:14 ESV
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

It's nothing worst for a student then to not know what the teacher expects of them; to know what their mark (goal) is.  Yet, in life we meander through without goals and we often wonder why we may never reach the things we may state that our hearts desire.

Today, I want to encourage you to not only know what your goals are; but to make them tangible; something you can measure.  Apply this to every area of your lives; spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.  Set goals for yourself and then take the next steps to spell out the plans of how to reach them.  Attach time frames and deadlines to them.  Not to stress yourself out, but to keep you motivated.  Deadlines can be pushed out as you begin to move your feet towards the end goal. Just don't allow the pushing out of deadlines to become something used as a tool to prevent you from ever getting started.

The person who sets goals and moves their feet never lose.  They may not always reach their goals in the time frame they initially thought.  But, if they keep going they always get there.  The only people who ever lose are the ones who never get started, or who pause but never hit play again.  You'll win if you don't quit!  So what's it gonna be?  Make a choice now.  Decide that you will not allow 2019 to end and you are still sitting there hoping and wishing.  Get up and move your feet!

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