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Sometimes this time of year is hard for some. You may feel today as though you have nothing at all to be thankful for. Yet, I want to encourage you to remember. Remember the good things that God has done for you. I am in no way belittling your loss, hurt or pain. I am encouraging you however, to count your blessings. 

I know what it is to lose and be disappointed. But I also know what it is to shift my perspective from what I lost and to begin to think on all the things I've gained. I know what it is in the midst of tears and brokenness to began to praise God. It's something about remembering. It may not change what you've lost, but it will change your heart to praise a God who is more than faithful. You'll be reminded of times He did answer according to your request. Even when you were in bad situations of your own making. You'll begin to remember all the good times with the loved ones you've lost and your heart will rejoice over being fortunate enough to have known and loved them. 

I'm not asking you to pretend your hurt and pain doesn't exist. I am asking you to praise our God whose with you in the midst. I'm asking you to trust Him past what you see and feel and to give Him thanks. I know that if you'd just take five minutes to intentionally remember His goodness that your heart will become overwhelmingly full of Thanksgiving and praise. 

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