Until Love

I Corinthians 13:8 
Love never fails....

A few years ago God charged me with writing a book about unconditional love. Immediately I was excited. I thought I can write this; no problem. I'm good with loving people in spite of. Well God soon showed me that what I actually had for the person He called me to love was not unconditional love, but until love. You see sometimes we decide without realizing it, that we will love someone just as long as he or she never, ever does "this" or "that".  But allowing there to be a "this" or "that" is actually placing limits on your love.

Keep in mind that limits and boundaries are two different things. God does not intend for us to live in and allow ourselves to be abused or harmed for the sake of love. However, it is our duty to love those God has placed in our lives in spite of their shortcomings and failures. You may think it's impossible, but God did it for you. He loved you before you could even begin to imagine being who you are today. It was indeed His love that changed your life. Will you allow His unconditional love through you, to change the life of those He's called you to love? Will you love until love is all that matters? Will you remove the conditions?

#TrueLove #LoveNeverFails #GodIsLove #BeTheFaceOfGodInTheEarth


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