15D - Look Around - The Experience

This morning I was reminded to look around. I've got history with God and I bet you do also. Consider your life. Not the way you have been considering only the hard time. But consider how many situations seemed so diar yet God showed up and rescued you. The anxiousness you feel is merely a tool the enemy uses to make you move too fast or to take your focus off of praise to our God. Yet, I must remind you today, to look around at the miracles; walking miracles you get to see everyday. 

Don't allow anything to cause you to forget the miraculous experiences you've had with God. And know without a shadow of a doubt that our God is not done favoring you!

As I look around I praise God as He has:

-Healed my Daddy and gave him life past what Dr.'s declared 29 years and counting
-My son Christopher is alive and blessed
-Healed my sister Jennifer from stage 4 cancer
-He healed my issue of blood for which no Dr. Could even give an answer for. 
-He has honored his word to me
-God made me promises and confirms them continuously in the wait
-Healed my aunt and cousin from cancer
-God has made numerous ways out of no way
- He blessed my sister Keisha with her daughter Trinity after several losses 
-He helped my previous co-workers to stop smoking
On and on I can go, I bet you could to...just look around 

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