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Don't Lose It!

Mark 8:36 ESV
For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

I watch often how social media is bumbarded with videos and posts of men and women alike doing things for attention. Many are willing to do almost anything to gain followers and friends. Yet they post their picks and the emptiness remains. Guilt often follows their acts when that half naked picture received less "likes" then they expected. I use to think...."How could someone do that?" That was until this verse that my father always quoted when we were growing up played in my mind one day.  My dad always says, "Nothing is worth losing your soul."

There are so many people lost in this world. They have no clue of who they are or where their going. But not because they just choose to be lost. But because they haven't discovered the love of our Savior. Oh, they may go to church and sing in the choir, but they don't know Him. So, today, with no judgement, ridicule or anything else, I extend to you the opportunity to start your year off right.  Today is the end to emptiness, bitterness and living your life lost. If you want to know more about Jesus, DM/Email/Message me and I'll be glad to share His word with you. 

#DontLoseIt #NewYearInChrist #ABetterYou #GodIsReal


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