Open Your Mouth

Matthew 7:7 ESV
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.

I remember being in services on a Sunday evening and I was newly divorced and I had all of these things that the kids and I needed. My soul was perplexed and heavy and all throughout services I kept asking God why. Why am I still waiting?  Why hadn't He moved for me yet? Lord what have I done? Have I not prayed correctly...on and on. I wasn't blaming God, I honestly just wanted to know what it was that I needed to do. 

No sooner than the brother leading us in benediction said Amen, did a lady visiting the church come up to me. I remember it so clearly, because I thought where's she going? It was like she was on a mission.  She came straight to me.  Looked me square in the eyes and said " The Lord said you have not because you ask not.  So get to asking!". What I learned that day was that me having a problem and telling God about it, was different than asking Him to fix it and believing He would. Today, I want to encourage you not to complain but to ask believing and wait with expectation for our God to move on your behalf. 

#AskSeekKnock #KeepOnAsking #Believe #MoveYourFeet #AHeartFullIfExpectancy 


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