The Only Thing That Matters

God has literally given us everything. It's all right in the word of God. He has told us that he knew us before we were born, that he has a plan for our lives. God has literally told us that he will take care of all of our needs according to his riches.  Since his riches are unlimited that means every last one of our needs will be met. He has paid for our healing already. He has given us his peace. He has given us his joy. He has promised to defend us against our enemies. He even told us that he'll bless us right in their face. He has given us rules; he's told us how to be good people. He's even told us how to have good character and integrity. He's told us how to love and even better than that, he showed us with the greatest sacrifice known to man. God has paid for everything and has promised to give us everything. He even told us that he delights in blessing us.

All of that sounds great. Yet, one thing remains to be done in all of these situations. That is for us to believe God. Why is it that we can't seem to believe a God who cannot lie. It is literally impossible for him to lie.  Which means that every single promise he's made to us is already done.  They became reality the moment he spoke them.

God spoke this world into existence thousands upon thousands of years ago. Yet the Earth remains; the sun remains all which were spoken by his word. Our God's word is sure. So why are we not sure? Why are we not sure that he'll pay our bills? Why are we not sure that he'll heal our bodies? Why are we not sure that he will defend us against our enemies and that all things will work out for our good? Why would we not be sure about a God who's perfect? Perhaps we need to allow him to continue to perfect our faith. 

Today I pray that you will use the measure of faith that God gave to you and dare to believe him. Because it is our belief; our ability to have faith in him that makes all the difference. This faith we have will determine whether we see our blessings or we do not. Do you want your blessings? I want every last one of mine and I am determined that I will have them.  I have made a decision to believe God. I pray that you will also. 

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