What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for?

Those that we call the great pioneers of faith waited for nothing. They heard the voice of God and they moved in obedience to it. What or who are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for someone else to confirm God's word when they didn't hear the instructions? Are you asking God to help you be different, yet when the word he gave you calls you out from among them you look around and make a decision to stay put because they won't understand? Or, is it that they are telling you that you've changed? Or perhaps it's your own fears? Are you questioning if you can do it?

If any of these things are true then you're just the right person.  You see, the heroes of faith they also had to come out from amongst them. When they stepped out on the word of God they looked like fools to everyone else around them. Can you imagine being Noah building that ark; that huge vessel in the middle of nowhere and having everyone say you're a fool?  To have them ask,  what is rain? Can you hear them?  We've never even heard of such a thing. Just like they told you that you'd be nothing without them. Just like they said you'd never make it. Did you believe them because it took a long time? Or are you still waiting for the promise to come to pass Like Abram and Sarai were?

Well just like them, today your name shall change. Your name is changing because where you're going is changing and who you are has changed. Change is good! Change is real good when God is the changer.

Today put your shoes on, stand right up on that word God gave you and move your feet.  Move them right into your promised land. 

#MoveYourFeet #TheWaitIsOver


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