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We must be careful what we say. As children of God we have the responsibility of being the face of God in the earth. Whether we want this responsibility or not. It is ours. I want to caution you to only speak on behalf of God when He directs. 

God's word is true. Yes, Jesus Christ is coming back again one day. But no man knows that day. Yes it is good to say we should live each day as if it is our last. Yet, we must be careful that in our attempt to encourage others to "get their house in order" that we don't misrepresent God. 

We need to focus on what we "Know" about God. We should never trade our opinions for truth. I know that you may want your loved ones to be saved, but fear and manipulation is never the way to go. Those are traits of the enemy of our souls. So how are we showing them God if we have the characteristics of the accuser of the brotheren?  

Let's do what God does and be love to the world. Consider that perhaps there's a lesson in this for you. Don't get so caught up in what you think others "need to learn" in this time and miss your own opportunity to grow. 

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