In the Middle

A dear friend sent me the picture used in today's blog. It's a special place for her. I began to praise God immediately for the way in which He has blessed my friend. God spoke to me; then He told me to look. And because He knows all things he knew I didn't get it at first. So he told me to look again. He said look where it is (referencing the waterfall).  I said it's in the middle. He then went on to tell me that I can't be so afraid to go into the woods or the wilderness that I miss the intended blessing. 

My friend had to hike to reach this point where the water flows down.  There were ups and downs. She had to take careful steps to reach her destination.  There's no way you could ever know that this waterfall exists unless you enter what appears to be wilderness.  None of us like the wilderness of life.  Yet, what I am learning is that the wilderness is where I grow. The wilderness increases my discernment and understanding of spiritual things.  The wilderness is where I am tested, but also proven.  The wilderness is eventually the place in which I find ultimate peace.  Because it is in the wilderness where I see the hand of God move like never before. It's in the places where all seems lost that our God comes shining through.  Right in the middle of it all, He's there.  The peace of God's presence is too wonderful for me to even begin to try to explain.  Yet, I pray that it is something that everyone of you reading this today will experience and enjoy everyday of your lives.

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