All Ends Well

Romans 8:28 The Message
That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.

This morning during our family prayer time my son said these words...."Trust God!"  "We must believe that God is going to work all things out for our good in the end."  He went on to share about how he remembered that this was all that I kept saying to him; over and over again.  He said..."[Mom] You just kept repeating this to me.  No matter what I came to you with. You gave me the same thing.. Trust God. I couldn't see it; even when I couldn't see it...But I kept fighting to just believe it, because you just kept saying it.  And now I "know" it is true. That God is going to work all things out for our good!"

I share this, not to brag on my parenting skills, but to brag on the God that we serve.  My son has seen many challenges in the last few years.  It's been a hard road for him. There were times; when I only focused on what I saw with my physical eyes, that I was afraid he wouldn't make it; that he'd give up.  But I decided a long time ago, before he was born; that I won't ever stop believing in him. That I'd be his biggest fan and push him into the life God called him to.  Not because I am great; but because our God is.  During his pregnancy I knew that there was something not quite right.  All test were normal, but my soul knew.  My soul knew that I had to fight for him in more ways than one.  So, I prayed over him in my stomach as I had his sister three years prior.  I chose to be the voice that would speak the expected blessing over his life; before he could speak for himself.  I knew that if I did so; if I believed God that all would end well.

It's far from over for my son. It's just the begining for all of my children.  But I rest in knowing that they are in God's hands and that He will indeed work all things out for their good.  I believe another parent needs to hear this..... "You're going to make it; they are going to make it."  In some unexpected moment everything you've ever taught them and prayed for them will unfold right before your eyes. Stay encouraged. Keep praying and keep right on believing God.

#AllEndsWell #GODisGreat #GODisBigger


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