Acts 12:5 ESV
So Peter was kept in prison, but earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church.

If you ask Peter, to say that prayer changes things is an understatement.  There he was in prison, with the king intent on killing him as soon as the most opportune time presented itself.  The king wanted so badly to ensure this would take place that he placed Peter between two soldiers; bound by two chains and sentries before the door to guard the prison.  Yet, while the church prayed the Lord sent an angel to free Peter.  This experience was so "unreal" that Peter thought himself to be dreaming.  Yet, he was not.  

Know this day, that no matter what the enemy of your soul plans for you, that his plans will always fail in the face of the plans and intentions of our Almighty God. Whether you're facing a a destination that seems so far away, an answer that doesn't seem like it's going to come in time.  Or a disease that threatens to take your life. Know that our God is bigger and that prayer is still just as effective today as it was thousands of years before. So let's pray earnestly, believing for our God to rescue us also.

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