Clean Your Windows

I am reminded of the story of the woman who would rise each day and go into her kitchen to get a cup of coffee where her husband would meet her. Each morning without fail she would look out of the window and talk about how dirty her neighbor's house was.  She would go on about how they needed to clean it.  Over and over again this was her conversation.  Always looking out the window at her neighbor's house. One day her husband got up early and went out and washed their windows. She woke up that morning, looking out the window as was her routine, and said "They finally cleaned their house; they finally took some initiative!" She went on to say how she couldn't believe how long their neighbors had allowed their home to remain dirty.  After she finished her cup of coffee, her husband looked at her and said "They did not clean their house, I washed our windows.

We must wash our windows with the word of God. The windows being our eyes; the eyes of our understanding (our spiritual view). We must have the right perspective. First we must have the right perspective of God. We must understand that He is almighty and Sovereign.  We must KNOW that he has no equal and that He is for us. Next we must see ourselves from the right perspective. The true perspective. The truth about us as children of God is that we are made in the image of God. The truth about us is that God seated us in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. That although we are walking on this Earth we are already seated in heavenly places far above any principalities and power. So this gets us to the last person we must have a correct perspective about. That is the enemy of our souls. We must know who he really is. We must know and understand that he is indeed a liar and that there is no truth in him at all! We must change our perspective to be one of truth for him. The truth is he is a defeated foe.  The truth is that he is not God's equal and he cannot be everywhere, all the time; present. The word tells us that he walks around "like" a lion. He is not a lion. But he tries to imitate the true lion of the tribe of Judah. He wants to pretend he is an angel of light. But all he ever has been and ever will be is a liar that is damned to hell!  Take some time and read the word of God today. Take some time and pray to God today; ask God to clean up your perspective. Just like this woman's husband cleaned their windows so that she could see clearly. Our God will clean away everything within your spirit that has caused you to not see clearly the truth.

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