The Grace to Love

John 13:35 NIV
By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

Love at times seems like such a simple thing.  As you look into the eyes of your newborn baby and he or she wraps their entire little hand around your finger and stare into your eyes.  You wonder if they realize who you are and how much you love them.  Or when you gaze across the room at your high school sweetheart and love of your life.  The one who still makes your soul smile.  Those times, without a doubt are easy... they are the best!  These are the moments you remember and pray you will never forget.

 Yet, what about the ex who has done everything in their power to make your life miserable?  Or the co-worker who without a shadow of doubt has made it their mission to mistreat you, take advantage of you and attempt to slander your name?  Should loving them be easy also?  Truth is, initially it may not be.  However, loving your enemies with ease is indeed possible.  How do I know?  The scripture above tells us that it is by love that all men know that we are Christ's disciples.  Therefore, as disciples of Christ we must love all men (mankind). 

 Loving your enemies will not be easy.  Yet, it is not the simple things that prove love.  It is the hard things.  It is the moments in life when you know that you deserve to receive a bad attitude or mistreatment from someone you have wronged.  Yet, that person keeps showing up next to you.  Standing with you; beside you and for you.  I know that there are plenty of scenarios in which standing by someone is detrimental.  I am not advising you to remain in a toxic relationship of any kind for the sake of love.  I am telling you to choose to be like the one who made you in His image.  Choose to Love; you have been given the grace to do so.

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