Saturday Sessions 3.6.2021


Set Your Mind

When I looked up the definition of the words "to set" I could not believe how many definitions I discoverd. Below I've shared some of my favorites.

> To place (oneself) in position to start running a race.
> To direct with fixed attention.
> To establish as the highest level or best performance.
> To adjust to a desired position.
> To restore to a normal position or connection when dislocated or fractured.
> To put in order for use.
> To cause to become firm or solid.

My prayer for you today is that you'll set your mind. That you will place your self in a position to run the race of life, by surrendering to God and His will for you. That you'll keep your attention fixed on Him. That you will determine your best performance, based on what God has called you to do and not in comparison to another person. That you'll allow God to take you to His desired position for you. That you'll surrender your broken heart and disappointment to Him so that He may realign your thoughts with His truth. I pray for God to put your life in order for His use and that He will make you solid and firm in the faith. In Jesus name.

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