The End

 Revelation 22:13

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."


The End.  Two words that use to appear on a screen at the end of a movie back in the day.  It was the announcement that it was over.  That there was nothing more to come.  I believe today that God is saying that He is the end.  He is the end to your depression, your poverty and your lack.  That He is the end to sickness and death.  I believe that God is the end of low self-esteem and to every thought and imagination that has set to raise itself against the knowledge of who He is!  I believe God to be the beginning of better days, months, years, and decades.  I believe God to make a river in the desert of your marriage.  To restore your peace and to give you great joy!  I believe God! 

Will you accept Him today and allow Him to bring an end to every lie that the enemy has spoken to you.  It does not matter whose mouth the enemy used to tell you that you are not good enough; smart enough; wise enough.  It is all a lie that will fail in the face of the one and only true God that loves you.  Allow His love to be real to you by accepting that it is indeed for you this day!

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