Opposite Day

So often we find ourselves making decisions based on how a thing seems. What will be said about us. All of these things being based on humanity.....
What will they think?
How will I look?
They might think........this or that.
I don't want to hurt their feelings or look bad.
They'll think I'm crazy.

But is not what Jesus did for us on Calvary one of the most crazy things ever???

Think about it....who gives their life for someone who hates them?

Who asks for forgiveness in the midst of a wrongful death sentence for the ones who has sentenced you to death falsely, and is currently in the act of "taking" your life?

Who looks at you, sees all your faults, but looks past them all, to see only the you that's been redeemed, while you're yet in the pit of despair and still refusing their love and help?

Only our God. Only the one who the word describes as "Being" Love.  May I suggest that today we choose the opposite of what the world chooses?  Let’s choose to love the same way He loved us the day He voluntarily got on the cross for us.  You see He could have changed His mind in humanity; yet He chose the divine.  He chose us.  Let’s live out that same love today and everyday until He takes us; His children, home with Him. 

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